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“As a man thinketh in his heart so he is.”

A very old and a very true saying. Have you ever tried sitting in your living room and daydreaming how good it would be to be a millionaire and at the same time thinking to yourself that you will never achieve it. You know you would feel good being wealthier but at the same time you do not think that you are worthy of it. How do you ever expect to achieve success when you are constantly telling yourself that you cannot do it?

Unless you change the way that your mind thinks, you will always be where you are right now.  No one ever got to be a millionaire by holding the thought that they were a failure, and if they did manage it,they soon lost it .

In 1961 Viv Nicholson became famous overnight when she won  £152.319 on the football pools. She had often wondered what it would be like to have such a lot of money and quite by chance she won it. Viv Nicholson did not know how to deal with her sudden wealth and within a few short years was declared bankrupt. She tried several ways to regain her wealth by using investments. She tried recording a song and opening a boutique, but she still ended up losing everything. She found that the money that she craved did not bring her much happiness, but it bought with it many other problems and heartaches.

Over the last decade or so how many have we heard of that have gained wealth and fame rapidly and not known how to cope with it? Britney Spears, Whitney Houston, the list goes on and on.

The problem was not that they did not deserve to be wealthy but that they did not “Think” that they deserve to be wealthy.

You can have all the money in the world but unless you have the right mindset then you will never accomplish your desires and they will remain just “daydreams”, unless like Viv Nicholson you suddenly win a large amount of money.

I used to work for a care company and we looked after an elderly gentleman I will call him Joe (not his real name). During the summer he walked all over Great Britain as a tramp, begging for money for food and sleeping outdoors. When winter came he moved back to the north east and stayed in an old derelict cottage.

The other cottages in the row had double glazing, bathrooms and looked beautiful.The cottage that Joe lived in, had only one room downstairs, had only cold running water, an open fire range, and no inside toilet or bath.  He had bare stone floors and no visible signs of any luxury at all. His clothes were dirty and he rarely washed. My colleague and I felt very sorry for him and used to buy him dinner when it was our turn to visit him. This went on for several years and we wondered why he was left in that horrible place.

One year he did not return and we made inquiries at what might have happened to him. We were surprised to find out that far from being penniless Joe was indeed a multi-millionaire and owned the whole row of  cottages that he lived in. The government had made him spend money on the upkeep of the other cottages, but he had refused to waste money on the upkeep of his own cottage. He also owned a very large estate down south which he was renting to his brother and lots of other properties. He chose to scrimp and save and go without because he was afraid of spending his money in case he went broke.

When he died his brother inherited everything and Joe had scrimped and saved for nothing. Joe’s brother believed that the reason that Joe had the mindset of save, save, save was because of his mother. When he was young his mother and father had divorced and his mother instilled in him that he had to cut down on everything because she could no longer afford the good life. He became the main wage earner and his mother took every penny that he made from him. His brother however was the favourite  and was treated differently. Joe grew up thinking that he had to always take care of his brother and he was not to be selfish. He had got that used to going without for so long that when his mother and father died and he inherited everything he had the mindset that should he have any luxuries himself then he was selfish.

Viv Nicholson’s mindset was that she did not deserve the money so she lost it, Joe’s mindset was that if he spent any money on himself he was selfish. Neither have lived the life that they deserved because neither took the time to get he right mindset.

If you want to be a success, then the first thing that you need to acquire is the correct mindset. You Do Deserve to be happy and wealthy. We were not put on this earth to suffer and go without. Look around you, do you not see the beautiful flowers and landscapes. They know what they are here for, they do not have to struggle to grow and look beautiful they just have to accept. To help you get the right mindset I recommend that you check out The 90 day Manifesting Program.

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