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There are times when you simply need to DO IT!!

In life, we are always challenged and need to learn new things. Not only do we need to learn new things, but we also need to DO mew things as well. When someone does a parachute jump or a bungee rope jump, there is an element of being scared stiff. But, by taking the action and doing it, the experience is exhilirating and will last you a lifetime. Life will never be the same again!!

Not everyone needs to jump out of a plane or a bungee jump, there are different levels for different people.  But, by going out and doing something different, even helping someone, it can change your day, especially if you are shy.  Spending a day as a volunteer with an organisation can be just as challenging for some and the simple act of helping out will make the difference for the better.

So, what are you going to do that might scare you, not kill you, and make a difference yours and somebody else’s life?

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