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We live in a material world and sometimes we are not grateful for the things that we receive. It is hard to be grateful when something that seems bad happens to us, but it may be a blessing. We all learn from things that happen to us.

Children learn from their mistakes and we must do the same. You can tell a child not to touch something until you are blue in the face, but it is not until they get hurt that they will learn the lesson and sometimes they will get hurt a few times before the lesson is learned. A child that has been hurt will not be grateful for the lesson but they will learn the lesson.

If we are not grateful for what we have now then why would we be grateful later on? There is always someone worse off than you are.

I had a friend that married and became very wealthy. She had three children and lived in a mansion, her children went to private schools, she traveled first class. Life was very good for her, but by her own admission she did not appreciate it.  Because she did not appreciate it her life went downhill, Her husband paid for a month-long holiday for her and the children and whist she was away he sold his homes and businesses.  When she returned she found that she had no home, no car, no money and she was left her with three children and just the clothes that she was wearing and what was in her suitcases.

Friends allowed her to sleep in their spare room until she could find somewhere to live, the children’s school fees were paid for the next term so she had the rest of that term to find somewhere. You can be sure that she was grateful for the use of that small bedroom and for the time to sort things out.

Although life was not easy she learned to be grateful. She had eaten in the finest restaurants and stayed at the best hotels, now she was reduced to living off handouts from her friends. She found a small flat to rent and started work as a temp. The bills were high and she one day found that she had only £1 left in her purse. She was expecting the children home for a week and had very little food in. She was driving a friends spare car and she stopped in a car-park to pick up some milk, as she got in her car to leave a large lorry reversed in front of her and she was annoyed as this would make her late. She got out of the car to complain and noticed a door open and a man was pushing a large trolley out of the back doors of the shop. She asked what he was doing and he told her that the lorry was there to pick up all the out of date food. She asked if she could have it and she left the car-park feeling very grateful because her boot and the back seat of her car was full of food.

Just a few months earlier she would have been appalled if someone had said that they were collecting out of date food from shops to feed their family on and yet here she was doing exactly that.

I am very pleased to report that my friend learned to be grateful for everything that happens to her now and is now in her own home worth more than £1million and has her own company. Her children carried on going to private school and has realized that her happiness does not depend on other people, it only depends on her. Once she had learned to be grateful for what she had NOW, no matter how little it was, she accumulated a vast fortune in a very short time.

When something bad happens try to resist complaining about it and say “Thank  you for the lesson”. You will find that the lesson then becomes less severe and the solution comes quicker.  For more information click here.






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