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It is amazing how many people state that science and religion don’t mix, or, that politics and religion don’t mix.  Why is that?  Many a time, I have prompted those who say it to explain their belief behind their statements.  As of yet, not one person has given me an answer.  It has been more on a “because it’s what I’ve heard” type reply.

Each day, the media pump out sayings and statements that we don’t really check and qualify.  In most cases, their validity simply does not stand up to scrutiny.  It is interesting whilst watching science programmes and listen to what they say at the beginning of the piece.  They use statements like, “we think”, or, “we believe”, or something to that effect, but, then the rest of the programme goes on as though it was established fact.  It is amazing what you can do with computer generated graphics.  You can prove anything you like using Computer Generated Images.  With computers, you can create a virtual environment, you set up the data that you want to show.  If you want to show what “might” happen if the ice caps melted, you can show that using computers.  The problem is, the information is based on “current understanding” and the computer program is created to reflect that.  They can create all types of situations and scenarios.   The next step is to say, “well, if we don’t do…….”, or, “well, what we have to do to avoid…”. 

It’s all hypothetical.  You need to have faith in what the scientists tell you.   In a similar way, religion has been telling us information for thousands of years.  In fact, in the bible for instance, it was mentioned that the world was round in shape and went round the sun.  That was well before our scientists “discovered” this and confirmed what was already known.  Not all religious works are true and neither are all scientific works.

The strange thing that has happened over the last 50 or so years is that science, through proper investigation, is proving that a lot of what was taught my religious teachers, is, in actual fact, true.  Through the field on Quantum Physics, for example, it has been proven that there is a creative force and also that we have an effect on our environment.  Each of us sees things differently, understands things differently, tastes, touches and hears things differently to anyone else.  Yes, there are commonalities that we all believe, but, because of our upbringing and family and media influences, we have created our “own” world.  What we see around us, it is our interpretation of what is out there.

Let’s have a look at the scenario of when an incident happens.  Let’s also say that there is a 100 people there that see that incident.  Afterwards, you interview those 100 witnesses.  What you will find is 100 different accounts of the same incident.  Some parts will be the same, which will help build up what happened.  Yet, because each of those 100 saw it in a different way, it backs up the validity of the incident. 

It is because of this phenomena that people who get into trouble and try to “get the story straight”.  Where there is no difference at all in the accounts, then questions and suspicions arise!!

So, with all this that is “known” to be case, it gives backing and credence to the fact that the “Law of Attraction” is working in everyones life.  What we think affects our world vision and what we currently have in our lives.  It is time we took control of what happens in our lives.  We need to examine what it is we think and why we think those thoughts.  Is there a solid basis in them, or, are they simply glib, no-substance thinking?

You have the laws of gravity, they work whether you believe in them or not.  They have been proved even though we know that when you drop a stone, it will fall to the ground.  Step off a 300 metre cliff, and, you will fall with very bad results!! 

The same has been found with the Law of Attraction.  Like gravity, we are aware of something, but, now, it has been shown to be working in everyone’s lives irrespective of belief.  It is time you learnt about it and do something with the knowledge.  Trying it won’t work, it never will.  It needs an action done. Will you do it?

You know what you want, don’t you?  Ok, sit down and list what you want, really want.  Do you have them in your life?  If you have, then great, that is wonderful!!  Share the secret with others!!  If you haven’t, then, you need to learn “how” to think and stop going on what you think you’re meant to think.  Develop your own mind, thoughts and understanding that is built on how you want to think.  Learn to attract that which will benefit you and help others.

Now that science and religion back each other up, work with it, not against it.  As for politics, that’s another post!!

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