Debra Poneman – Some Observations

The other day, I listened to a recorded discussion with Debra Poneman who is behind Yes To Success.  Debra is a motivational speaker who has helped thousands change their lives for the better.  After studying and putting into practice the teachings from the likes of Napoleon Hill, Wallace Wattles, Earl Nightingale and others, Debra teaches enlightened timeless principles of success and prosperity in a modern way.

Below are the notes that I made whilst listening to what Debra had to say.


To be successful and prosperous, as well as thinking thoughts about success and prosperity, you need to help others become successful.  Even if, at the moment, you’re not there yet.  You help others not just by physically helping others, but, also by sending loving successful thoughts to them from the heart.

If you see someone with something that you would like, then send love from your heart to their heart and think and say, “And that’s for me!!”.  That way you keep envy and jealousy at bay allowing you to grow.


When an idea comes to you, it wants to be manifested by you.  It will be different to what others will receive.  The idea is ready to be made available and the universe is giving you first refusal on it.

Act upon it because if you don’t, it will have to be passed onto someone who will.  Don’t be surprised if you see that idea come about from someone else and think, “ I was thinking that the other day!”.  You missed the opportunity.   If you think you’re not ready, you never will be.  Be prepared at all times, don’t miss the next one.

“In any moment of decision, TAKE ACTION” – Theodore Roosevelt


With any ideas, there are 3 possible actions:

The best action you can do is to do it the “right way”

The next best action you can do is to do it the “wrong way”

The worst action you can do is to do “nothing”

There is no such thing as failure, it is a trick of the ego.  It makes you think about what other people might think about you.  Who cares!!??  Don’t hold back, the next idea could be the main turning point in your life.


Visualisation is really important to get what you want.  It is also important that you add emotion and see the end result.  Not that you are going to get it,  but, that you have it already, NOW.


Be true to your heart


It’s OK to doubt, it’s what you do with it that makes the difference.  Listen for the still small voice and take its advice.

Build up others by helping them.  Only thing that matters is how much love you give. Don’t get hung up on whether you’re doing it right.

Ask, “How can I love, serve and help others?”.

*********** ********

There is a light of grace that shines on all of us.  It has the power to dissolve all blocks that stand in your way of getting to where you want to go.

Every word/action can either lets someone receive more light or reduce it.  Seek to increase others light so that yours grows stronger.

Simple actions like holding a door open for someone behind you, even if you are in a rush.  So long as it is done with kindness and love.  When you let someone pull out whilst driving.  Just take a moment to think about how you can help someone.  Even a simple smile and/or thank you.

Just close your eyes and feel the light of grace all around you.  All we have to do is open ourselves to it.

Treat everyone as though they were God, we are made in His image/likeness.  That’s everyone, no matter who they are or where they are in life..

It is important that you love and nurture yourself.  Doing so will allow God, not only to help you, but, through you, to help others.

The balance of enlightenment is in our hands.  If you imagine a set of scales similar to that pictured for justice.  On them scales, you place equal amounts of sesame seeds on each bowl.  One side is enlightenment, the other is darkness.  If you move just one seed from one to the other, what happens?

So which way do we need it to go?

Don’t get hung up on what you think people may be thinking about you.  More than likely, they’re not thinking anything at all about you.

Something that is of extreme importance is to FORGIVE!!

Primarily, forgiveness is for your benefit.  If you don’t, it can do damage to your body, mind and spirit.  If you can’t forgive in your strength, then use God’s strength.  The other person does not need to be there.  Forgive them so that you get the release, the power of the harm will reduce to nothing.

A story to explain this, a true one, happened in Africa, South Africa after the apartheid was removed.  There were 3 white security guards in court who had done some terrible things.  In this particular case, there was a black woman who saw one of them kill her husband and her son.  Asked what she wanted to happen to this man, she said that she fully forgave him.  Then stood up and made her way to the man because she wanted to hug him to let him know that he was fully forgiven.  She also wanted him to be her son, twice a week, so that she could show and share the love that she had inside for her son.

As she made her way over the man, he fainted, totally overcome with what this woman was doing.  When she got there, she held him and showed him love.

So now ask yourself, are you unable to forgive?  This action gave her the ability to continue living.

Will you choose life?


If you would like to find out more about Debra Poneman, then go to YES to SUCCESS now.

Would be very interested to hear your comments with regard to the above, thank you!!

Why Get The Secret To Deliberate Creation?

Malcolm here, taking over this post.

The above is a very valid question and rather than just write about it, thought I would do a short video and talk about just a couple of things that I’ve found to be helpful.  There is sooo much more to it that I could spend an evening or two just talking about it.  Something new to learn and apply each time I listen.  Yvonne has the same experience.

Everything about this blog from Yvonne is help people, it is not recommended just for the sake of it.  Also, Yvonne wants to cover a number of perspectives  so that it helps a very wide range of people.  So please watch the video and take action.

I’m enjoying getting on with the audio for “Secret Of The Ages”, it compliments Deliberate Creation as further teaching.  Keep your eyes open and visit regularly for the whole audio being available to you.  It is both an honour and pleasure to be able to help people all around the world.

Please do send your feedback so that positive stories can be shared to encourage others.  Let your friends and colleagues know about this site and support us.

You are appreciated and a warm welcome is always extended to you!!

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Secret Of The Ages

My partner Malcolm is on busy making an audiobook based on the Secret Of The Ages book, written by Robert Collier, that has helped a lot of people change their lives. Both Malcolm and I have read it a few times and found it to be inspirational as well as a helpful guide in understanding why things happen in life. It was originally called “The Book Of Life” and it explains things in a very straightforward way.  There are seven volumes and 24 chapters.

As a treat, he has done the foreword for you to listen to, and, if you would like it, then you can download the foreword and the first chapter in a single downloadable mp3 for $1.  The whole audio book will be available for $25, but, for those who get the first part NOW, then it will be available to you for only $16 as a thank you.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.


Watch out for further info when it becomes available.


ONLY $1 for the foreword AND the first chapter!!!

Often, when saying something, afterwards you might think, “Why did I say that?”, or, “I should have said that differently”, or, “fill in the blank…….”.

It is so easy to say something that has a lasting effect.  There are times when what you think, should stay as a thought and should never be said.  So many times things are said in anger and come out wrong, or, you feel so nervous that you end up tongue tied and what is said makes no sense whatsoever.

So many times, if we were just to stop a brief moment and think, so much hurt could be saved.  It is just as easy to give a compliment and build someone up as it is to give a nasty comment and knock someone down.  There is a saying that goes something like, “If you’ve got nothing nice to say, then don’t say anything at all”.  That’s a good saying to think twice before you speak.

I’m not suggesting that you get to a point where you don’t say anything at all, but, if we don’t learn from the mistakes made, then you don’t grow.  Cursing and swearing come back on you, it is the power of the spoken word.  As said in the previous paragraph about building or knocking someone down.  You know that power.

If people spent more time thinking about speaking positively, yes, even in hard times, then it shows a strong sense of character.  As a parent, children can be quite acidic in some comments, testing you.  They check to see how far they can go, and, the trick is not to rise to the occassion and retaliate.  When a child says they hate you, tell them that you still love them, unconditionally.  Back it up with explaining that what they’ve done or said makes you sad or upsets you.  You understand that they feel the way they do for a reason, but, it doesn’t stop you from loving them.

Unfortunately, some children only believe their loved when they’re good and not loved when they’re naughty.  It’s simple logic to a child, but, think about how you explain that they are always loved and wanted.

A nice example of what you say that makes the difference is shown in the video below.  In this one, it is the written word, but, it is the fact that someone takes the time to help.  The results are considerable.

Another saying is to mind your Ps and Qs.  It costs nothing to be polite and to say thank you.

It’s not always possible, but, let me encourage you to be a builder of people.  As you will find in my posts, I fully go with the law of attraction as well as the law of cause and effect.  We are responsible for our own actions and what happens in our lives.  It is up to us as individuals to take that responsibility.  Be an example to both young and old.

As you do this, then your thinking will change, your mindset will change for the better and your outlook on life will become more positive.

Deliberate Creation – The Secret Of

If you’ve ever wondered why things happen, is it luck or is there no such thing as superstition? 

Is what you’re experiencing real or is life just an illusion? 

Can you choose what happens in your life, or not? 

Are there laws in this known universe that affect us?

Is thinking positive enough, or, is there more to it than that?

All of the above and more are covered in Dr Robert Anthony’s “The Secret of Deliberate Creation


Let Dr Robert Anthony take you on a journey of self discovery as he takes you through step by step on how you can change your life for the better.  It is an audio course that you can download immediately.

Invest in yourself, don’t procrastinate and take action.  I believe in YOU, you CAN do something about it and here to help you.  Reading through my posts, I hope you feel encouraged and inspired.

I have been through the program by Dr Robert Anthony quite a few times and each time, I learn something new.  It has opened my eyes to see new opportunities and given me a understanding that I did not have before.  There is no hesitation in recommending this to you and I am confident that your life will change for the better as it has with mine.

This one post that I have put in 5 of the categories because it covers “changing your thoughts and way of thinking”, your “dreams” for the life you desire, gives easy to follow methods to “build a new life” and realise those dreams.  It is also in “general” because it covers so many areas.

Get it, download it, listen to it, change your life for the better!!

Are You Rich Beyond Your Wildest Dreams?

What a great question!!!

So, can you honestly answer that and reply that you are ‘rich’ beyond your wildest dreams?  If you are, then “fantastic!”.

When you take time out to think about what you would like in your life.  Let your imagination run wild with this.  What about some of the following:

An all expenses covered trip around the world, first class all the way!!

Private holiday villas all around the world!!

Your own private jet to visit those villas!!

Your ‘top of the range’ car of your dreams!!

The house you’ve always dreamed of and needs staff to look after you and the house!!!

A walk-in wardrobe that is as big as a house and a separate one for shoes!!!

More than enough money in the bank so you don’t worry about finances again!!

 And …………………………………………….. just fill in the blank

There are no limits to what you can have and do, it’s up to you!!

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a guide book that not only helps you to get there, but, also, advises on how to be happy as well?  That’s how you should be, happy, as well as content and having fun!!

This guide goes beyond the usual positive thinking and mindset suggestions, yes, they are required, but, that is only a part of it.  Learn the whole, not just a part and change your life around for the better.  The book takes you step by step on what to do as well as the considerations needed to bring the changes about.

With lots of experiences that the authors have been through to draw on, you can learn “not” to make the same mistakes as they did.  This is available to anyone.  I recommend not “trying” it, but, actually have a go at “doing” it!!

If you want to be Richer than Your Wildest Dreams, then click here now and learn how to do exactly that!!!

It would be great if you could come back and leave a comment about the great results you experience as a result of this guide book!!

Here’s to your success!!

Can You Let Go?

Have you been through Dr Robert Anthony’s course – The Secret of Deliberate Creation or any of the other “recommended” courses on the right hand side of this blog?


Then you are missing out massively on learning how to change your life.  I hope that you are happy with where you are and that you are moving forward in your life.  If you are staying the same, then you’re stagnating and need to move on to better things.

You will have noticed in some of my posts that what you decided in the past is responsible for what you experience in your life now.  Not everything in your life, I hope, is bad.  But, there are habits and sayings which hold us back from achieving our dreams and desires.  That is a sad place to be and there is no reason to stay there.  Now is the time to do something about it.

With what we have done in the past and what we keep doing now because of it, it is high time for us to let go of it.  Time to “un-learn” what we think about and ponder on.  You need to learn “how” to think with new thought processes and mindset. A mindset is where you view things in a new way or new light, your thinking is different from what you’ve been used to.

Before you know it, you’ll attract positive things in your life and begin to enjoy it.  No matter where you are now, you can begin immediately.  One thing that is important, as mentioned, is to “LET GO” of the past.  It’s happened, it can’t be changed.  So stop letting it affect your future.  A method that we’ve come across recently is known as the “Sedona Method”.

It is a system that is so simple, it’s amazing!!!

There is a video that is available if you join up with them, or, you can have a DVD sent to you simply by covering shipping and handling.  Simply enter your name and email in the box on the right and LET GO!!

Please don’t just take my word for it, you really can change your life.  My partner and I are not film stars or TV celebrities.  We simply want to help others change their lives for the better.  Through the advice that is given on this blog.  The posts are free to read, but, there are products that are recommended because they WILL help you.  Also, it is important that you invest in yourself because you are worth it.  You are appreciated!!

There is a secret that, once seen, will open your eyes and your mind to new possibilities that you have, perhaps, never considered before.  It’s incredible what you can do when you learn how to utilise the power available to you.

As an introduction, you should get a hold of a DVD called “The Secret”.

In that DVD, there are number of presenters like Bob Proctor, John Assaraf and Joe Vitale, to name a few, who give a great overview of what you can do.

Have you heard of Oprah Winfrey?  No?

What about the film “The Color Purple”?

Well, yes, I guess you have heard of Oprah and the film.  As I said earlier, don’t just take my word for it, watch the video below and hear what she has to say about it.

Are you worth it?  Of course you are!! Why not invest in your life and your future now!!  Then please leave a comment and encourage others to change their lives for the better.  It would be great to hear about the positive things that will happen!!

How Did Your Day Start?

Does the way your day start depend on what day of the week it is?

If it’s a Monday, do wake up not only feeling bad that it’s Monday, but, expect everthing to go downhill from there?

Were you surprised when it did?

Monday is a day like any other day, it is part of the week, it is 24hrs in duration, happens 52 weeks of the year.  Why should it be any different?

Well, surpisingly, you can make it different as well as any other day.  They are all the same, therefore, it is up to you to do something about it.  It is not upto work to do it or the government, your parents, family, etc.  Only you have the power and ability to make a difference.  It is so simple that it almost sounds too easy to do.

You will have noticed from the posts on this blog that you need to develop a new way of thinking.  Learn “how” to think instead of “what” to think.

At school, you were told what to remember in the hope that when it came to exam time, it tested how good your memory was.  You may thought that a lot of it was irrelevant.  So, in a lot of ways, you may be under the impression that a lot of this “how to think” teaching is irrelevant.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

We have the ability to think and create.  It is these abilities that we need to train afresh.  They’ve been dulled so that you jump on the gravy train, waiting for someone else to think for you and tell what you do until retirement.  But you have the choice to change that.

So let’s get to how you make a difference to not just your Monday, but every other day.  Now this information will be ground shaking and I hope you are sitting down to read the following information.

When you wake up, and, importantly, before you get up and out of bed, make a choice to have a good day.  Simply say:

I choose to have a good day

The the next part is to expect to have a good day.

You should find that you can deal with things easier and as you get into the habit of doing this, you will find that your thinking changes and your outlook on life will change.  Good things should start being attracted to you.  Also, choose to be happy, it is said that you less muscles to smile than to frown.

Would it be a great idea not to exercise your face?

Have a great day and please leave a comment as how good your days have become!!

Is It Better To Give Than Receive?

Some people get hung up on the above statement and feel that they should always give and not receive.  To do this knocks it out of balance and context.  Let’s have a look at a few things first.

When you were born, you needed to “receive” your first breath in order that the life given to you could start.  Are you still receiving that breath after you’ve “given” your breath out?  I hope so, if you’re not breathing, you’re a walking miracle!!

Now, when you breathe out carbon dioxide, you give what the plants and trees need.  They receive that and process it to help them grow and in return they give out oxygen that we need to receive to grow ourselves.

Are you seeing something here?

When you give someone a gift, chocolates for example, let’s have a look at the process.

You went into the shop and walked over to where the chocolates are kept.  The next step is that you pick them up and go to the checkout.  You give the chocolate to the cashier to scan it.  Then you give the money and receive the chocolates or you may even have them wrapped up as well.  In your hands, you have the chocolates.  But, hang on, before you’ve even given them to your intended recipient, there’s been some giving and receiving.  So far, in purchasing the chocolates, you have had to “give” money to “receive” them.  Your purchase adds (gives) to the profits of the shop and could help the owner grow the business.  As a result of this, you are now in a position to give.  Notice how this is after you have received?

Did you get a “thank you” as well as saying it yourself?

So now you have the chocolates and are ready to give them to someone who you love.  Let’s have a look at that.

You arrive home, for example, and go up to your loved one and give the box of chocolates.  In return, you receive thanks, maybe a hug and a kiss as well.  So, that fits into the give rather than receive scenario, doesn’t it?  Hang on a moment.  When you gave the chocolate, you, at least, received thanks.  Well, how do you receive?  When something is given to you?  The recipient “gave” you a thanks in return.  In other words, you both gave something and, amazingly, received something.

In order for giving to take place, there needs to be a receiver. That makes sense I hope.

It is always good to give, but, if you don’t receive, you’ll wear yourself out.  Both giving and receiving are blessings.  Giving and Receiving are mutual in that they work together.  Gratitude strengthens them.

Another thing about giving is that if you give with the right attitude, you can receive immensely more than you gave, although, it is not always from the same source that you’ve given to.  Done this way, you can “expect” to receive a ten fold return.  It is not just monetary either.  You can give your time, your experience, your knowledge and, most importantly, your love.  How about getting 10x more of that in return, wouldn’t that be great?

Here’s a challenge for you, see if you can “outgive” the universe.  Yes, you read that correctly.  It is a law of the universe known as cause and effect and it  is as imutable as the law of gravity.  You also invoke another law that is commonly known as the “law of attraction”.  This is a step to understanding how it works.  Again, it needs to be backed with gratitude, saying thank you and appreciating it.

If you haven’t already, then I strongly suggest that you take the time to read my other posts with regard to these laws.

Science has now proven that there is a creative force.  There are, as you know, different religions that recognise this and have different names. 

Have “fun” giving, but, at the same time, have “fun” receiving.  Something as simple as giving someone a smile or a “cheery” hello could make all the difference.  If they don’t receive it well, then that’s not down to you, it’s down to them.  You’ve done your bit, the universe sees that, expect something good to comeback in return, and it will be given back to you, many times over.

From now on, change how you think about giving and receiving.  Be happy doing both, be open to it.  Be thankful.

Would love to hear your comments on this and your positive experiences of giving and receiving.  Let’s spread good news and good things!! 

That would be appreciated!!

Thank you in advance!

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