• SumoMe

With every rising sun, dawns a new day, a blank canvas, a chance to start anew with the same opportunities and rights as everyone else. The only thing that stops you is the limitations that you put on yourself.

Money is no respecter of persons; it does not know or care what colour or race you are, whether you are q university graduate or a school drop-out. Money cannot talk, it has no eyes or ears or any other senses.  It is impassive, inert and inanimate. It is there to be invested, spent, saved or worked for.  Money cannot judge whether you are worthy of it or not.

The world assumes that the poor are poor because of circumstance and that the rich are rich because they are lucky or clever. Well it may seem that way but it is untrue. The rich are rich because they know how to say “yes thank you” to money and the poor are poor because they say “no thank you” or “I am undeserving” or “I can’t”.

It is purely down to your perception of money and wealth. Were you bought up with the mind-set of a wealthy man or the mind-set of a poor man?  When we are young we listen to our family and the people that surround them and we take on their thoughts and ideas. We tend to think that what they think is correct and don’t argue with it. So we grow up with someone else’s beliefs. If they believe that they were unworthy, then we do too.

The good news is that we do not have to continue accepting someone else’s views. As soon as we start questioning we can start to form our own views.

Ask yourself the following question;

What does being wealthy mean to you?

Does it mean having millions in the bank, a big house, flash car, traveling the world? Or does it mean having enough to pay your bills and still having some left over so that you don’t need to worry?

Some people feel that they are rich because they still have a little money at the end of each month. They have their home paid for and have no big worries. Others feel the need to have the status symbols.

Before you can start your journey you need to define your destination, if you don’t, then how will you know if you have arrived?

When you plan a holiday, you first decide what sort of holiday you want. A relaxing beach holiday, or a skiing holiday, a camping holiday or an adventure holiday. You would not start your holiday not knowing where you were going, so do not try to change your life until you have defined what sort of change you need.

I had a friend that decided that she was going to marry a rich man when she grew up and then she would have a wonderful life and never have to worry.  She was considered quite clever at school so nobody was surprised that she did indeed marry someone quite wealthy.

Several years later I heard that she was in a mental home. She had thought that being rich would bring her happiness but when it came down to it she was totally miserable.

Her husband traveled a lot and she spent most of her time in a big house all alone.  She found that most of her friends only wanted to freeload off her and were laughing at her behind her back.  Her own family were not used to having money so they were always asking for more and more.

Her marriage broke up because her husband could not deal with her insecurities and the settlement that she received was soon spent. She lost nearly everything. One day she decided that enough was enough and started concentrating on getting her life back together.  She invested on a self-help program and learned to respect her own decisions.

Within two years she had gone from being broke to having a nice house and car and traveling the world herself building a business, only this time she had the right mind-set and she found she did not need to rely on anyone else to make her wealthy.

If you are just sitting waiting for the opportunities to come along to make your fortune then you have missed the bus.  Opportunities rarely come along unless you place yourself in the right frame of mind to receive them.  As an example I would like to tell you a little story.

A man Knelt down and prayed one night “Please God let me win the lottery”. The next day he again knelt down and said “Please God let me win the lottery” This went on and on for a couple of months and getting very frustrated he knelt down again and prayed “Please God let me win the lottery, I have prayed every night for weeks now, why do you not answer my prayers?”  To Which God answered “Joe I have tried but you need to meet me half way and buy a lottery ticket.”

Please do not be like Joe, but also do not rely on winning the lottery. You can be as successful as you want to be, as rich as you want to be, as happy as you want to be. Your life can be whatever you desire it to be. You have a blank page today, you can write whatever you want in your life book. No one else can edit it or change it, only YOU.