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For quite a while now, the system in the western countries has been built up on pretty much the same thing.  Once you are old enough, you go to school.  Whilst there, you are taught facts and figures, introduced to various subjects and then tested on them.  It is good that children have an understanding about their country history and culture, to respect other people and grow up to be well adjusted adults. So, while they are learning all these bits of information, is it fair to test their memory on a single exam that could make or break them.  Good grades are required to get good jobs, good jobs are required to get a good house and car, take out a mortgage, pay your taxes.  Then have children yourself and place them into the system.

And so the cycle goes on.  One issue is that schools do not teach children how to think.  They have been taught to remember things and not, necessarily, how to apply what they learn.  Quite often, when leaving school, comments are regularly made about the “irrelevance” of a lot of the stuff they learnt.  Also, the pressure to be good at “all subjects” is something else to be considered.  When we are meant to be individuals, why is everyone expected to excel at everything.  Yes, everyone needs a basic level of knowledge so that forms can be understood, maths for when buying and selling.  There appears to be little preparation to go into the outside world after being snug in the cocoon of education.

The education system needs to be changed, the old ways and systems have long since left.  It needs to adapt because after being “through the system”, many are ill-equipped to cope in this modern technological world.  Their expectations of getting a job, having a family and getting through to retirement are often dashed due to the “unexpected” competition from others going for the same position.  The real world is completely different.  Work hard, study hard and you will get your reward doesn’t quite cut it the same as it used to.  Also, many are finding that after many years loyalty to a company, it is not returned when they have to “downsize”.

The world has changed quite a bit and continues to change, and, ultimately, it is down to each of us, as individuals, to bring about the positive changes required.  Change is good and is required, without it, things stagnate.  Strangely, even though that’s an accepted thing, it is part of the nature of humans to resist exactly that.  This does not mean that some cultural traditions need to be removed, but, be adapted where necessary.  They all started somewhere and introduced at the time they were required.  It could be the right time to introduce new ones.

We can choose to be victims of the current climate, or, we can choose to be free.  Each of us have that ability within us, so rather than it has be dormant and in a deep sleep.  It is time to wake it up, there are opportunities for each of us to have a better life, to have what it is we desire.

I trust that whilst you’ve been reading through this blog, you will notice that the main theme is help you make the changes required to have the life that is waiting for you.  It would be a great shame if you left here without doing something and continue with where you are.  You were brought to this site for a reason.  Are you going to take action?

Don’t try something, do it!!  Trying does not really get you anywhere other than trying.  Doing something, even making a choice is an action.  Make the right choice.  Then, all I ask once you’ve got to where you want to be, is share it.  Will even omit your name or use your initials if you would prefer.  It will help to encourage others to do something about their life.

Want somewhere to start?  Click here for a great starting point!!


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