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The other day, I listened to a recorded discussion with Debra Poneman who is behind Yes To Success.  Debra is a motivational speaker who has helped thousands change their lives for the better.  After studying and putting into practice the teachings from the likes of Napoleon Hill, Wallace Wattles, Earl Nightingale and others, Debra teaches enlightened timeless principles of success and prosperity in a modern way.

Below are the notes that I made whilst listening to what Debra had to say.


To be successful and prosperous, as well as thinking thoughts about success and prosperity, you need to help others become successful.  Even if, at the moment, you’re not there yet.  You help others not just by physically helping others, but, also by sending loving successful thoughts to them from the heart.

If you see someone with something that you would like, then send love from your heart to their heart and think and say, “And that’s for me!!”.  That way you keep envy and jealousy at bay allowing you to grow.


When an idea comes to you, it wants to be manifested by you.  It will be different to what others will receive.  The idea is ready to be made available and the universe is giving you first refusal on it.

Act upon it because if you don’t, it will have to be passed onto someone who will.  Don’t be surprised if you see that idea come about from someone else and think, “ I was thinking that the other day!”.  You missed the opportunity.   If you think you’re not ready, you never will be.  Be prepared at all times, don’t miss the next one.

“In any moment of decision, TAKE ACTION” – Theodore Roosevelt


With any ideas, there are 3 possible actions:

The best action you can do is to do it the “right way”

The next best action you can do is to do it the “wrong way”

The worst action you can do is to do “nothing”

There is no such thing as failure, it is a trick of the ego.  It makes you think about what other people might think about you.  Who cares!!??  Don’t hold back, the next idea could be the main turning point in your life.


Visualisation is really important to get what you want.  It is also important that you add emotion and see the end result.  Not that you are going to get it,  but, that you have it already, NOW.


Be true to your heart


It’s OK to doubt, it’s what you do with it that makes the difference.  Listen for the still small voice and take its advice.

Build up others by helping them.  Only thing that matters is how much love you give. Don’t get hung up on whether you’re doing it right.

Ask, “How can I love, serve and help others?”.

*********** ********

There is a light of grace that shines on all of us.  It has the power to dissolve all blocks that stand in your way of getting to where you want to go.

Every word/action can either lets someone receive more light or reduce it.  Seek to increase others light so that yours grows stronger.

Simple actions like holding a door open for someone behind you, even if you are in a rush.  So long as it is done with kindness and love.  When you let someone pull out whilst driving.  Just take a moment to think about how you can help someone.  Even a simple smile and/or thank you.

Just close your eyes and feel the light of grace all around you.  All we have to do is open ourselves to it.

Treat everyone as though they were God, we are made in His image/likeness.  That’s everyone, no matter who they are or where they are in life..

It is important that you love and nurture yourself.  Doing so will allow God, not only to help you, but, through you, to help others.

The balance of enlightenment is in our hands.  If you imagine a set of scales similar to that pictured for justice.  On them scales, you place equal amounts of sesame seeds on each bowl.  One side is enlightenment, the other is darkness.  If you move just one seed from one to the other, what happens?

So which way do we need it to go?

Don’t get hung up on what you think people may be thinking about you.  More than likely, they’re not thinking anything at all about you.

Something that is of extreme importance is to FORGIVE!!

Primarily, forgiveness is for your benefit.  If you don’t, it can do damage to your body, mind and spirit.  If you can’t forgive in your strength, then use God’s strength.  The other person does not need to be there.  Forgive them so that you get the release, the power of the harm will reduce to nothing.

A story to explain this, a true one, happened in Africa, South Africa after the apartheid was removed.  There were 3 white security guards in court who had done some terrible things.  In this particular case, there was a black woman who saw one of them kill her husband and her son.  Asked what she wanted to happen to this man, she said that she fully forgave him.  Then stood up and made her way to the man because she wanted to hug him to let him know that he was fully forgiven.  She also wanted him to be her son, twice a week, so that she could show and share the love that she had inside for her son.

As she made her way over the man, he fainted, totally overcome with what this woman was doing.  When she got there, she held him and showed him love.

So now ask yourself, are you unable to forgive?  This action gave her the ability to continue living.

Will you choose life?


If you would like to find out more about Debra Poneman, then go to YES to SUCCESS now.

Would be very interested to hear your comments with regard to the above, thank you!!

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