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Some Quotes To Think About

The question for each man to settle is not what he would do if he had means, time, influence and educational advantages; the question is what he will do with the things he has. The moment a young man ceases to dream or to bemoan his lack of opportunities and resolutely looks his conditions in the face, and resolves to change them, he lays the corner-stone of a solid and honorable success.
Hamilton Wright Mabie

All men dream but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake in the day to find that it was vanity; but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dream with open eyes to make it possible.
T.E. Lawrence


Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.
Harriet Tubman

So, do not only dream your dreams, but choose them, act upon them, believe in them, but, above all, believe in yourself to do anything that you set your mind to do!!

It is important that everyone learns to relax and de-stress.  Why?  Well, it affects your immune system and reduces your ability to combat illness.  Relaxation, on the other hand, helps to strengthen the immune and makes you less susceptible to illness.

So, how can you reduce the stress in your life?

For some, a nice walk in the country is both refreshing and relaxing.  Listening to relaxing music, gentle classical music has been proven to be effective.  Meditation is another great method to use and also can help you focus on positive changes that you would like to attract in your life.  Visualise a lifestyle that has no stress, no pressure and where you want for nothing except to be happy.  It is not impossible, unless, you believe it to be not possible.

A main source of stress inducing information is the media through the news networks and in the newspapers.  With their analogies and trying to come up with reasons as to what is happening, why it is happening and what could happen, they create uncertainty, fear and concern.  Not that should ignore what is going on in the world and shouldn’t help where you can, but, you need to reduce the amount of that type of information that is coming into your mind.

We can only take so much information and should be aware of information overload.  I find that meditating on a regular basis helps me to focus on the things that I want in life, send love to my family and friends and see myself as being happy, healthy and content.  It helps with dealing with any issues that may arise.  Through being more relaxed and being more stress free, issues are dealt with in a way that they become a non issue.  I see things differently and see new opportunities.

The only limit on dealing with things in life are those that you put upon yourself.  Through relaxing, meditating and being calm, you can remove those limitations.  Using visualisation, positive thinking and an understanding about the natural laws of attraction, it is possible to change, move and reshape that which is around you.  Once you understand what is behind the reality that you see, and, realise that way you see and understand things is unique to you, then easier it becomes to take more control in your life.

Take time out for yourself, invest some time to better yourself.  You are worth it, and, you are only one who can change anything.  Unlike the common belief out in the world, it is becoming accepted more and more that you need to change things on the inside.  That is, change what you feel, believe, think and picture inside you so that it emanates into the world outside of you.

If you want to know how to do that, the all the information that you need and the recommendations are in this site.  It is up to you decide what to do with the information, you came by this site for a reason, now, utilise it in your life.

Please let me know about the positive changes in your life so that others can be encouraged,  that is part of the process.  As you help yourself, you then help others.

So, relax, destress, meditate, take that walk, take a breather or whatever else that helps you naturally wind down.


Maharab!! – Welcome!!

Having recently been over to Turkey, it has been encouraging meeting up with people who want to do something with their lives.  Those we have spoken with have had a challenge getting their heads around the law of attraction.  But, it hasn’t taken long before their minds have been opened.  They have grasped the new way of thinking with both hands.  It is wonderful to see, and, great to be a part of helping them improve their lives.

You can see things clicking into place, seeing a strong desire to change, a new belief in being able to achieve dreams and desires.  They have quickly realised that the only limits existing are the ones placed upon themselves.

It hasn’t just been the Turkish people, with people from all over the world coming to visit, there is a hunger and desire to acquire the knowledge to do something about their lives.

Science is proving more and more emphatically that our beliefs, environment and actions can attract the lifestyle that is achievable.

On this site, there is information that can get you started, there are links to further educational stuff to help and take you further.  I am accessible via email, facebook and twitter.  Here to help in any way I can.

It is time for people to step back, take a look at their lives, see where they are in relation to where they want to be.  The next step is to then “do” something about it.  Trying is NOT an option.  Trying will not get you anywhere.  This can be shown by “trying” to “pick” up a chair.  Have a go, try to pick up a chair.  If you pick it up, then you’ve done it, put it back down and try and pick it up.  You see, when you try, the chair will always remain in the same place.  By actually “picking” it up, you’ve DONE something!!  Got it!!  Great!!

So, invest in yourself, not only financially, invest in some quality time with you and find out what you “really” want!!

Looking forward to returning to Turkey to see how those who have started to change their lives are getting on, and, to meet new people and help them as well!!


Were You Born With Disadvantages?

At times, do you feel that when you born, you were at a disadvantage?  Think that if you’d been born to a different family that you would be better off?  What about where you were born, that’s held you back, hasn’t it? 

There are so many what ifs in life, it’s enough to drive you crazy!!  What if …………..  ?  Fill in the blank

Is there any point to dwelling on them? 

Well the answer would be yes and no.  It is sometimes a good thing to ponder on some what ifs, but, whilst you are doing that, you can stop yourself from changing and taking action.  Look at the positive actions that you could have taken instead of what you didn’t do.  Is it too late to do that now?

There are many things that we do in life and we try to blame them on our circumstances or what somebody else has done.  It is easy to do and it feels self-justifiable.  Things like, “I had a hard upbringing”, or, “I was never loved”, or, “I was abandoned” and so on and so on.  Yes, they are not nice in that they happened.  That does not mean you continue to let them affect you.  You have a choice.

Decide to continue with where you are, feeling down and sorry for yourself, thinking there is nothing that you can do.  The cards have been dealt and you have to play them the best you can.


You can decide to take action, throw the bad cards away, choose a new set that are more to your liking, so to speak, and make a BIG difference in your life.  There are plenty of stories about people who have had it really bad, lost their family, no money, no home and simply the bits of clothes they’re left standing in.  They go onto great things and create riches beyond their dreams, appreciating where they once were.

YOU have the CHOICE and the ABILITY, always have! 

Do you want to wait until you’ve lost everything before you make the choice and change your life for the better?  Or, have you already done that?

Either way, there is no more to waste.

Start believing in yourself, read the posts and articles on this blog, for further inspiration, read my sister site http://www.lovemakestheworldgoround.com as well.  I believe in you and, more than that, I KNOW you can do it.  The only limits are those you place upon yourself.

Decide not to let your location, situation or circumstance from stopping you from choosing the life you want. A life were you not only help yourself, but, you make life good for those in your family, your friends and others who will come into your life.  As you change the way you think and do things, then, you will attract the very people you need to help you.

I know I keep plugging Deliberate Creation, but, when you’re able, get it for yourself.  It will help you immensely.  Why do I say that?  It is because I listen to it on a regular basis and still learning every time I listen to it.  Also, there are guides on how to find out what you really want, where you really are, and, importantly, how to change things for the better.

What more do you want?

Well, with the help of this site, Deliberate Creation and the other programmes recommended on this site, it’s a great way to start!!  

One day at a time!!

Don’t concern yourself about how it all works, that’s NOT your responsibility.  The Law of Attraction and it’s corresponding laws can be used to your advantage, the laws are there to help you, not hinder you!!

No more hiding behind excuses of being born with disadvantages, look at it as being a different starting point!!

Please leave a comment or link up by clicking on one of the buttons to top right.  I would love to hear from you!!

Why Get The Secret To Deliberate Creation?

Malcolm here, taking over this post.

The above is a very valid question and rather than just write about it, thought I would do a short video and talk about just a couple of things that I’ve found to be helpful.  There is sooo much more to it that I could spend an evening or two just talking about it.  Something new to learn and apply each time I listen.  Yvonne has the same experience.

Everything about this blog from Yvonne is help people, it is not recommended just for the sake of it.  Also, Yvonne wants to cover a number of perspectives  so that it helps a very wide range of people.  So please watch the video and take action.

I’m enjoying getting on with the audio for “Secret Of The Ages”, it compliments Deliberate Creation as further teaching.  Keep your eyes open and visit regularly for the whole audio being available to you.  It is both an honour and pleasure to be able to help people all around the world.

Please do send your feedback so that positive stories can be shared to encourage others.  Let your friends and colleagues know about this site and support us.

You are appreciated and a warm welcome is always extended to you!!

Get Deliberate Creation Here

Deliberate Creation – The Secret Of

If you’ve ever wondered why things happen, is it luck or is there no such thing as superstition? 

Is what you’re experiencing real or is life just an illusion? 

Can you choose what happens in your life, or not? 

Are there laws in this known universe that affect us?

Is thinking positive enough, or, is there more to it than that?

All of the above and more are covered in Dr Robert Anthony’s “The Secret of Deliberate Creation


Let Dr Robert Anthony take you on a journey of self discovery as he takes you through step by step on how you can change your life for the better.  It is an audio course that you can download immediately.

Invest in yourself, don’t procrastinate and take action.  I believe in YOU, you CAN do something about it and here to help you.  Reading through my posts, I hope you feel encouraged and inspired.

I have been through the program by Dr Robert Anthony quite a few times and each time, I learn something new.  It has opened my eyes to see new opportunities and given me a understanding that I did not have before.  There is no hesitation in recommending this to you and I am confident that your life will change for the better as it has with mine.

This one post that I have put in 5 of the categories because it covers “changing your thoughts and way of thinking”, your “dreams” for the life you desire, gives easy to follow methods to “build a new life” and realise those dreams.  It is also in “general” because it covers so many areas.

Get it, download it, listen to it, change your life for the better!!

Are You Rich Beyond Your Wildest Dreams?

What a great question!!!

So, can you honestly answer that and reply that you are ‘rich’ beyond your wildest dreams?  If you are, then “fantastic!”.

When you take time out to think about what you would like in your life.  Let your imagination run wild with this.  What about some of the following:

An all expenses covered trip around the world, first class all the way!!

Private holiday villas all around the world!!

Your own private jet to visit those villas!!

Your ‘top of the range’ car of your dreams!!

The house you’ve always dreamed of and needs staff to look after you and the house!!!

A walk-in wardrobe that is as big as a house and a separate one for shoes!!!

More than enough money in the bank so you don’t worry about finances again!!

 And …………………………………………….. just fill in the blank

There are no limits to what you can have and do, it’s up to you!!

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a guide book that not only helps you to get there, but, also, advises on how to be happy as well?  That’s how you should be, happy, as well as content and having fun!!

This guide goes beyond the usual positive thinking and mindset suggestions, yes, they are required, but, that is only a part of it.  Learn the whole, not just a part and change your life around for the better.  The book takes you step by step on what to do as well as the considerations needed to bring the changes about.

With lots of experiences that the authors have been through to draw on, you can learn “not” to make the same mistakes as they did.  This is available to anyone.  I recommend not “trying” it, but, actually have a go at “doing” it!!

If you want to be Richer than Your Wildest Dreams, then click here now and learn how to do exactly that!!!

It would be great if you could come back and leave a comment about the great results you experience as a result of this guide book!!

Here’s to your success!!