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Be Totally Wild and Absolutely Free

“The wind cannot shake a mountain.  Neither praise nor blame moves the wise man.”  ~The Buddha, Dhammapada

One of the greatest experiences a human being can have is the feeling of unbounded freedom.  Being totally wild and absolutely free means there is nothing holding you back.  You are fully self expressed, letting it all hang out, exploring every dimension, direction and quality of your being.  Good and bad judgments from your mind (and others) no longer have any weight or meaning.  You’ve simply become a fully authentic individual who is total in your creative expression, and who has stopped allowing the mind to dictate your experience of life in any way. 

You know you are completely free when you start feeling like a child again.  Unpretentious, uninhibited, full of curiosity, spontaneous laughter, playfulness, innocence and are totally unguarded.  You feel safe and protected in each moment, at the same time knowing this life is the greatest adventure of them all.  The inner child in you is always having fun, is in a continuous exploration of life, learning from every little experience the world has to offer.  Feeling the desire to dive down and explore the deepest darkest trench of your past, or climb the highest peak in consciousness you can fathom.  It doesn’t matter, its the freedom that is important in this adventure.  The freedom to choose the experience you want to have, and immerse yourself into it fully.

When freedom is ignited in your life it becomes a natural daily occurrence to let your hair down, laugh ferociously out loud, and dance naked under the palm trees.  By getting in touch with this wild childlike playfulness inside, you stretch your imagination of what’s possible with your life and realize you can do anything that you set your heart upon doing.  Radical freedom is not an easy task by any means to find.  It takes your full total being to give yourself to it. This total devotion, total surrender and total giving of yourself to your self, is what leads you to revealing one of the greatest secrets to becoming the master of manifesting your destiny.

On this great inner journey towards absolute freedom its good to know about the 3 types of freedom you’ll discover.  The first two freedoms are created from something or for something.  They are both dependant on things or thoughts outside of you to manifest and inner state of freedom on the inside.  These fleeting freeing feelings are obtained by an efforting approach, and not organically revealed.  The first you find them from escaping from some form of prison, either emotional, mental or physical.  The second you find from reaching for an end result, or achieving some desired goal. Both of these first two freedoms will come and go like the weather. They are limited time bound experiences and not what absolute freedom is truly about. 

“There are no mistakes anywhere, at any time. What appears to be wrong is simply your own false imagination.” ~Robert Adams

The only thing that is real in this Universe is that which does not change. This is the third type of freedom, which has no outer cause which it manifests from.   The only “cause” that this freedom blossoms from is the pure heart of devotion to the divine being you truly are.  The inherent recognition that you are an infinite, sacred, unyielding spiritual presence, who is beyond form and formlessness.  The moment you surrender to the source of this infinite creative energy inside you, this real freedom is found. 

When you realize your true nature is infinite, has no real cause, and cannot ever be blocked, stopped or contained, something magical happens inside. You find its pointless to continue trying to pursue the first two freedoms.  You already have found a freedom which cannot be matched or compared to on any level, so you simply rest in that.  It is the immaculate essence of your being, the central truth of what/who you really are, and it is so exquisite and instantly healing.  Best of all, it is always available for you to experience at anytime. 

This absolute real freedom is not created by any thought that you can think, thus it can never be destroyed. It is found inside your spiritual nature, the deepest place inside you which is always at ease, deeply quiet, relaxed and surrendered with what is. The spiritual essence of your being is radical.  It is open to all experiences in life. It’s willing to explore anything and everything, and this is something that does not change.  This eternal blank canvas of your being is always here, unguarded and always available for you to experience at anytime. 

The first two freedoms can only create more desire and yearning for more freedom.  I invite you to explore them as long as you need to until you are exhausted.  Then, devote your time to exploring the third freedom which is permanent and everlasting. The third freedom is only found from relaxing with what is.  Having a profound acceptance with this life simply opens you up to the multidimensional all-powerful being that you already are.  From this state you realize how to manifest anything you desire.  Yet first, you must surrender your efforting ego, and get beyond the judgmental analytical critical limiting mind.  You must relax deeper than the mind if you wish to find this bliss.  Just start simple, practice being relaxed as often as you can throughout the day.  Become relaxed about everything happening in your life now, and whatever happened in your past.  With enough digging inside yourself, you’ll reach a deep wellspring of peace.  The sweet calming quality is how you know you’ve discovered it. 

Every human being has the possibility of becoming enlightened.  Everyone has the option to experience the third level of freedom at anytime along their life journey. They simply have to want it more than anything else.  If you want this, you will need to overcome the distractions and obstacles in your mind.  Those ideas, compulsions, and desires which pull you in every direction except towards this final freedom.  Once you step back from the mind, you unlock the door to going beyond every limiting thought you’ve ever had.  The mind is the energetic prison that holds you back from absolute freedom, and when you can step back from it, all your problems instantly dissolve.

The day true freedom becomes The Priority of your life, then this magical manifesting mindset will be downloaded, installed and set as the new enlightening software in your brain.  You will start seeing your world very differently.  You will be realizing that anything is possible and you’re not limited by anything at all, except your imagination. You’ll know without a doubt that whatever you focus on is what grows and manifests into your life.  You’ll see that once you start dwelling on thoughts of limitation you begin manifesting more limiting experience and obstacles in your path. 

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Here on this site, the information and links are here to help better your life.  Why stay in the position you are in when you can do something about it?

So many people complain about their lot in life, then when offered the opportunity, do nothing.  Very strange how no action is taken apart from more complaining.

Are you someone who is ready to change their lives, to make a difference, to be who you want to/should be?

Watch the following video:


There comes a time in ones life where the right decision needs to be made.  Make that choice now, you owe it to yourself!!

Now Do Something To Change Your Life!!


As you have read on this site, our sister site and clicked on our links, being serious about helping others changing their life for the better is important.  What you are recommended to do in the video is to get the Secret to Deliberate Creation course.  It has great advice, teaching and step by step methods that can help you evaluate where you are now, how you got there, and, most importantly, how to change it for the better.

There are people who try and fail, then there are those who do and succeed.  Would love you to be in the latter and be successful!!

Do yourself a BIG favour, choose to live your life by design and take control.  You owe it to yourself!!

There are times when you simply need to DO IT!!

In life, we are always challenged and need to learn new things. Not only do we need to learn new things, but we also need to DO mew things as well. When someone does a parachute jump or a bungee rope jump, there is an element of being scared stiff. But, by taking the action and doing it, the experience is exhilirating and will last you a lifetime. Life will never be the same again!!

Not everyone needs to jump out of a plane or a bungee jump, there are different levels for different people.  But, by going out and doing something different, even helping someone, it can change your day, especially if you are shy.  Spending a day as a volunteer with an organisation can be just as challenging for some and the simple act of helping out will make the difference for the better.

So, what are you going to do that might scare you, not kill you, and make a difference yours and somebody else’s life?

You CAN Change Your Life!!

Do you know what the main 3 problems are that people face today?

One is money.

Two is weight.

Three is relationships.

What they do not understand is that they have the power to change whatever they are not happy with.

What is it that you really want? Until you answer this question honestly you cannot achieve real success. Most people say more money, more success, a better relationship, a bigger house, a better car, a better job.

Then they think “but I can’t earn more than I do now because of the recession”

“I can’t change my job now, because jobs are scarce.”

“I can’t move to a bigger house now because I can’t afford to.”

“I can’t get a better car yet because they are too expensive.”

“I can’t change my relationship, because we argue all the time and he/she won’t listen to me.”

The truth is you are the inventor of your own life. You CAN change anything that you want to change. The only thing that is stopping you is your own limiting beliefs.

Everything starts with a thought? Think about that!  Everything that you have in your life at the moment is as a result of your past thoughts. The house that you live in, the job that you do, the car that you drive, even the person who you live with. You have attracted all of it into your lives and you did not even know how you did it.

You see there is a Universal law that will work whether you know about it or not.  You have all heard of the law of gravity. What goes up, must come down. That law was around long before Newton discovered it but no one had the sense to think about it. It didn’t mean it did not exist, it always was. We all live by it. No one walks off the edge of a 30 story building to see if it works or not, unless of course they are tired of living.

Well the law of attraction is just the same, it has always been there working away 24/7, 365 days of the year.  It has been used throughout time but it is not a law that many people have considered. But just like the law of gravity, the law of attraction is a Universal law.

Before anything can be made, invented, built, it has to start as a thought in someone’s mind. A chair did not just get here someone had to have a thought. Then they had to apply the principle of that thought in their mind and then they built the chair.

The Wright brothers made bicycles, they were quite happy for years, doing just that. They designed and manufactured bikes. Then they had a thought. They decided that they would invent something that would enable man to fly. They didn’t know how they were going to do it, but they just decided that they were going to do it. All their friends told them that they were mad. That if man was supposed to fly they would have been given wings. But they were not put off by their friend’s negative thinking. Where would we be now if they had been?

They had numerous failures before they actually designed something that would fly. But on December 17th 1903 they had their first success.

Henry Ford was not an educated man. He just had an interest in engines and in 1903 he established the Ford Motor Company. It is worth noting that he had already had two failed attempts at starting motor companies. His belief helped him stay true to himself and he finally succeeded even though everyone said he was mad to try again. He decided to build a 6 cylinder engine and all his engineers told him that it could not be done and he was wasting his money on it. His only response was to tell them to go and build it.

Thomas Edison was more tutored at home most of the time by his mother. He spent a couple of years at school and his teacher was annoyed by his insistence of asking questions. His parents were told he was disruptive and that his brain was addled. If he lived today he would have been diagnosed with ADHD. His mother however taught him to have faith in himself and never give up.  He persevered and brought us the electric light bulb.

None of these people were any better than you or I. The only thing that separates them is their ability to believe in themselves. We are all born equal.

We are a completely blank canvas but our mind still knows how to breath, how to move the blood through our veins, how to make our hearts beat.

We all have thousands of thoughts going through our mind every day, but we are not consciously aware of them, the simple reason for that is that if we did we would be sent insane trying to deal with them all at the same time.

Your mind is just the same as a computer. It can do nothing unless it you install the program.

If you just turn on a computer all you can do is look at a blank screen but when you start adding the programs then the computer comes to life and you can do a variety of things.  You can type a letter, do your accounts, you can send a message in a second to the other side of the world, you can play a game, you can read a book. You must get my point.

Just like the computer you need to program your mind.

When asked to describe their mind most people will describe their brain, but the brain is not your mind. The fact is that the mind is not a part of you that a surgeon could take out of you, it is not a thing.

We will get to that soon just bear with me.

We are conditioned by our old beliefs. When we are born we are a blank sheet. Saying that, we are still programmed with limited knowledge. We know how to breath, the blood still runs round our body, we instinctively know how to suck and our heart still beats. You see that is the part that the sub-conscious takes care of for us, so that we do not have to think about it consciously. We would all get in a right state if we had to keep reminding ourselves to breathe,  let alone all the other things that our body needs to do.

Your beliefs are really building blocks, the building blocks of your reality. Trying to change your life from without is pointless, you must first change your life from within. When you change the way that you think you can re-invent your entire life. You will discover who you really are and what you really want out of life.

You can change anything and everything about your life in a reasonably short time but you need to be committed.

Freedom from negative beliefs will allow you to unlock resources in you that you never realised that you had.

You are manifesting things in your life every day, the problem is that you did not realise that you were doing it.  To manifest means that you think of something and then you change it from being an idea into something solid that you can use.

The only limitations that you have are the limitations that you put on yourself.  “If you think that you can, you can. If you think that you can’t, you can’t. Either way you are right. How do you expect to achieve anything when you keep telling yourself you can’t do it?  If you told yourself you could do it then you would find it easier.

When we are first born we are a blank canvas. We learn everything from our parents.  The thoughts and ideas that they hold are passed down to us and we start the same pattern with our own children. They tell us that we can’t do this or we can’t do that. Don’t climb trees, you will fall and hurt yourself, don’t go near the water, you will drown, people like us can’t afford such expensive things, do you think money grows on trees? No one in our family has ever been to University that is for rich kids. Did you ever have very vivid imagination when you were young and did you parents tell you not to be so silly. All these things just set you up to limit yourself when you are older but we can either keep those ideas or we have the choice to change them.

For more information on how to change your life visit here

Taken from sister site –

Knowing The Truth Is Not Enough!!

I came across the following today:

Sometimes people hold a core belief that is very strong. When they are presented with evidence that works against that belief, the new evidence cannot be accepted.

It would create a feeling that is extremely uncomfortable, called cognitive dissonance.  And because it is so important to protect that core belief, they will rationalise, ignore and even deny anything that doesn’t fit with the core belief – Frantz Fanon

It is one thing hearing what you need to do, another to accept what you need to do, but, the thing that really needs to be done is that it needs to be taken onboard, the old one removed and the new acted upon.

All through this blog, I write about people changing “how” they think.  It is vitally important in order to bring about the life and lifestyle that want to have.  Old beliefs, if they have no proper foundation, can hold you back.  They are the reason why you keep doing the same things when trying for a different result.  Einstein called it insanity when people keep repeating the same thing and expect a different result.  There are important beliefs that we naturally have like when you hear a loud noise, you need to react quickly to discern whether it is safe or dangerous. 

It is imperative that we learn how to change a belief if it has no substance behind it.  Beliefs shape what it is that we think and ultimately how we live our life.  If it is not serving you to reach a better life, then it has to be disregarded and replaced with a belief that does serve you. 

The programmes that we advise to use will help you to do that, but, will you let a “belief” hold you back from taking the very action that you need to take in order to achieve that “better” life you want?

Do something about it now, while you are here on the website, don’t leave it without taking a positive step first.

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It is amazing how many people state that science and religion don’t mix, or, that politics and religion don’t mix.  Why is that?  Many a time, I have prompted those who say it to explain their belief behind their statements.  As of yet, not one person has given me an answer.  It has been more on a “because it’s what I’ve heard” type reply.

Each day, the media pump out sayings and statements that we don’t really check and qualify.  In most cases, their validity simply does not stand up to scrutiny.  It is interesting whilst watching science programmes and listen to what they say at the beginning of the piece.  They use statements like, “we think”, or, “we believe”, or something to that effect, but, then the rest of the programme goes on as though it was established fact.  It is amazing what you can do with computer generated graphics.  You can prove anything you like using Computer Generated Images.  With computers, you can create a virtual environment, you set up the data that you want to show.  If you want to show what “might” happen if the ice caps melted, you can show that using computers.  The problem is, the information is based on “current understanding” and the computer program is created to reflect that.  They can create all types of situations and scenarios.   The next step is to say, “well, if we don’t do…….”, or, “well, what we have to do to avoid…”. 

It’s all hypothetical.  You need to have faith in what the scientists tell you.   In a similar way, religion has been telling us information for thousands of years.  In fact, in the bible for instance, it was mentioned that the world was round in shape and went round the sun.  That was well before our scientists “discovered” this and confirmed what was already known.  Not all religious works are true and neither are all scientific works.

The strange thing that has happened over the last 50 or so years is that science, through proper investigation, is proving that a lot of what was taught my religious teachers, is, in actual fact, true.  Through the field on Quantum Physics, for example, it has been proven that there is a creative force and also that we have an effect on our environment.  Each of us sees things differently, understands things differently, tastes, touches and hears things differently to anyone else.  Yes, there are commonalities that we all believe, but, because of our upbringing and family and media influences, we have created our “own” world.  What we see around us, it is our interpretation of what is out there.

Let’s have a look at the scenario of when an incident happens.  Let’s also say that there is a 100 people there that see that incident.  Afterwards, you interview those 100 witnesses.  What you will find is 100 different accounts of the same incident.  Some parts will be the same, which will help build up what happened.  Yet, because each of those 100 saw it in a different way, it backs up the validity of the incident. 

It is because of this phenomena that people who get into trouble and try to “get the story straight”.  Where there is no difference at all in the accounts, then questions and suspicions arise!!

So, with all this that is “known” to be case, it gives backing and credence to the fact that the “Law of Attraction” is working in everyones life.  What we think affects our world vision and what we currently have in our lives.  It is time we took control of what happens in our lives.  We need to examine what it is we think and why we think those thoughts.  Is there a solid basis in them, or, are they simply glib, no-substance thinking?

You have the laws of gravity, they work whether you believe in them or not.  They have been proved even though we know that when you drop a stone, it will fall to the ground.  Step off a 300 metre cliff, and, you will fall with very bad results!! 

The same has been found with the Law of Attraction.  Like gravity, we are aware of something, but, now, it has been shown to be working in everyone’s lives irrespective of belief.  It is time you learnt about it and do something with the knowledge.  Trying it won’t work, it never will.  It needs an action done. Will you do it?

You know what you want, don’t you?  Ok, sit down and list what you want, really want.  Do you have them in your life?  If you have, then great, that is wonderful!!  Share the secret with others!!  If you haven’t, then, you need to learn “how” to think and stop going on what you think you’re meant to think.  Develop your own mind, thoughts and understanding that is built on how you want to think.  Learn to attract that which will benefit you and help others.

Now that science and religion back each other up, work with it, not against it.  As for politics, that’s another post!!

If you want to learn how to change your life, then to help you get started, read through the posts in this blog.  It is a great place to begin.

Also, by getting this audio course on how to deliberately create your environment, you can make a difference to your life!!

Deliberate Creation

Act now, do something now, don’t wait, make a difference in your life NOW!

Whose Thoughts Are You Thinking?

Every moment of every day, thoughts pass through you.  Hundreds of them and most of them we don’t take any notice of.  If you’ve ever wondered how you’ve got to where you are now, then you need to examine what you think.  This does not mean all of the hundreds that you do think about, but, it is more about focusing on what you should and want to have in your life.

Each of us are magnets, and, we have the ability to attract and reject.  The trick here is to learn how to attract what it is that we want and push away that which we don’t want.  To do that, you need to find what is a genuine thought that is based on yourself.  Our thoughts and thinking are so wrapped up in what we have picked up over the years, they’ve soaked through into our consciousness without our realisation, we have forgotten what an original thought is.

What you think about something, whether that is politics, religion, sport or others, it is formed on other people’s opinions, what you hear on the news, what you see in a film, soap opera, documentary or drama.  Do you support a team because of an elder, like your parents, relatives, an uncle or auntie that inspire you, or a friend or group of friends? A similar question could be asked about a lot of the opinions that you’ve built up over your life.  It is like a filter has been created, and, as a result, you only see things in a certain way.

It has been proven in police records and courts that everyone perceives an event differently.  What one person sees, another one doesn’t, or what they did see was seen from a different angle.  Therefore the interpretation of the event is different.  If they were all the same, the police, or investigating authority would be concerned if everyone in a group saw exactly the same thing in the same way.  It is not a problem that the same thing has been seen.  But, the way in which the occurrence happened and the words used would all be different.

The information and opinions that you’ve taken onboard and tried to make sense of are what make you who you are.  That’s great!! It is what makes you unique.  No one else will see things the way you do, or hear, or feel about something in the particular way that you do.  One of the great faculties of being human is the way our perception creates our reality.

In a nutshell, you’ve created the reality that you are experiencing now, at this very moment.  While you read this, you are creating an opinion about whether you believe this or not.  Once you realise this, then why not check why you have formed the opinion that you have.  Do some research, with an open mind, and see if you can back up that belief.

There is a saying that goes something like this, “Whether you think you can, or, whether you think you can’t.  Either way, you are correct”.  Strangely, there is no right or wrong with your opinion.  All we encourage you to do is make that opinion your own, that you can stand on, and, can rely upon to build a successful life and to help others.

You can stick with the life you have, or, you can increase and build on what you have.  The choice is yours and I know that by changing “how” you think and not relying on “what” to think, you can build a new life.

On this site there is the information and recommendations to help you, ultimately, it is up to you to take action.  I am here to help in any practical way that I can.  I also welcome the feedback where you grow from success to success.  There is a wonderful adventure in life waiting for you, it is there for the taking.  Grasp it with both hands, hold fast, and, not only believe, but, do something and have the life you desire.

Like gravity, the law of attraction is real, working all the time, it is no respector of persons.  It simply acts upon your thoughts, intentions and actions.  Learn about it and put it to good use in your life and those who you love around you.  Learn not only to give, but, to receive as well.  In each action there is a blessing.  Be both a giver and a receiver at the same time.  As you give, the more you will grow, then the more you will receive.  As you receive, then even more will be available to give!!

Change Your Life

Here is another video from Malcolm, it is hoped that you will be encouraged and know that you are able to change your life.  It is possible and lots of people are doing it.  Some need help and that is what this site is here for.  Once you realise that you have unlimited potential and that it is there waiting for you, then all you need do is take action.

Don’t “try” to do it, trying will never get you anywhere, it is the “doing” that moves you onwards.  Lots of people get discouraged because they find that they never get anywhere.

The posts and pages on this site are here to help you, so please visit on a regular basis.

Please watch and listen to the following video:

Your comments are welcomed, so please share any experiences that you have with regard to the positive changes in your life.

It is important that everyone learns to relax and de-stress.  Why?  Well, it affects your immune system and reduces your ability to combat illness.  Relaxation, on the other hand, helps to strengthen the immune and makes you less susceptible to illness.

So, how can you reduce the stress in your life?

For some, a nice walk in the country is both refreshing and relaxing.  Listening to relaxing music, gentle classical music has been proven to be effective.  Meditation is another great method to use and also can help you focus on positive changes that you would like to attract in your life.  Visualise a lifestyle that has no stress, no pressure and where you want for nothing except to be happy.  It is not impossible, unless, you believe it to be not possible.

A main source of stress inducing information is the media through the news networks and in the newspapers.  With their analogies and trying to come up with reasons as to what is happening, why it is happening and what could happen, they create uncertainty, fear and concern.  Not that should ignore what is going on in the world and shouldn’t help where you can, but, you need to reduce the amount of that type of information that is coming into your mind.

We can only take so much information and should be aware of information overload.  I find that meditating on a regular basis helps me to focus on the things that I want in life, send love to my family and friends and see myself as being happy, healthy and content.  It helps with dealing with any issues that may arise.  Through being more relaxed and being more stress free, issues are dealt with in a way that they become a non issue.  I see things differently and see new opportunities.

The only limit on dealing with things in life are those that you put upon yourself.  Through relaxing, meditating and being calm, you can remove those limitations.  Using visualisation, positive thinking and an understanding about the natural laws of attraction, it is possible to change, move and reshape that which is around you.  Once you understand what is behind the reality that you see, and, realise that way you see and understand things is unique to you, then easier it becomes to take more control in your life.

Take time out for yourself, invest some time to better yourself.  You are worth it, and, you are only one who can change anything.  Unlike the common belief out in the world, it is becoming accepted more and more that you need to change things on the inside.  That is, change what you feel, believe, think and picture inside you so that it emanates into the world outside of you.

If you want to know how to do that, the all the information that you need and the recommendations are in this site.  It is up to you decide what to do with the information, you came by this site for a reason, now, utilise it in your life.

Please let me know about the positive changes in your life so that others can be encouraged,  that is part of the process.  As you help yourself, you then help others.

So, relax, destress, meditate, take that walk, take a breather or whatever else that helps you naturally wind down.


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